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Seaview Primary School, Glenarm

School Council


Our School Council meets regularly to discuss ideas and suggestions that pupils have put forward. The council also elects a school captain and vice captain.

All candidates make posters and ask other children to vote for them.

The successful entrants find out at assembly.

Here is an example of our agenda and minutes below.

Seaview PS

School’s Council Meeting




  • Principal’s opening statement
  • Appointment of a School Captain
  • Appointment of a Deputy School Captain
  • Appointment of School Council’s Secretary
  • Being a great Buddy
  • AOB (Any other business) - Draft agenda for the next meeting




People in attendance:

P3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

What we discussed:

  • Mr Corr gave out badges for buddies and captains.
  • We had a vote for school captain, deputy school captain and secretary.
  • We discussed how to be a good buddy.
  • Thomas said we could get the bikes out more often.
  • Owen said we could make a suggestion box.
  • Ann, Malachy and Kayla said they would try making one.
  • Tom said we could start a hurling club.
  • Fiontan said we could get a trampoline.
  • Owen said we should get Minecraft games on the computer.
  • Anna said we should sell the bikes if they are too dangerous.
  • Kayla, Eimer, Kate and Isla said we could get more games.
  • Katie said we could get the gym equipment out more.
  • Esther was voted as school captain.
  • Malachy and Martin were voted as deputy school captains.